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About Ministry of Commerce

The Ministry of Commerce, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh is responsible for overall trade and commerce related activities of Bangladesh.

A brief Presentation about the Ministry is given below:

Allocation of Business
  • Import Policy formulation
  • Export Policy formulation and export promotion
  • Price Control
  • State Trading
  • Companies Act, Partnership Act, Societies and Trade Organization Ordinance and Law of Insurance
  • Promotion and regulation of internal commerce and insurance
  • Commodity issues
  • Tariff policy
  • World Trade Organization and International Trade Organizations
  • Administration of 19 Commercial Wings of Bangladesh Missions abroad
  • Administration of BCS Trade Cadre
  • Liaison with international organizations and world bodies related to treaties and agreements
  • Administration of sub-ordinate offices and organizations under MOC.

:: Wings/Cells in the Ministry of Commerce

Administration Wing
The Functions of Administration Wing are as follows:
  • Internal Administration of the Ministry of Commerce
  • Administration of the Sub-ordinate offices of the Ministry of Commerce
  • Administration of BCS (Trade) Cadre
  • Budget Formulation of the Ministry
Foreign Trade Agreement (FTA) Wing
The following are the Functions of FTA Wing:
  • Regional Trade Agreements (RTAs) of Bangladesh
  • South Asian Free Trade Area (SAFTA)
  • Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC)
  • Asia Pacific Trade Agreement (APTA) [former Bangkok Agreement]
  • D-8 Preferential Trade Agreement
  • Trade Preferential System among the members of OIC (TPS-OIC)
  • Liaison with International and multilateral organizations including UNCTAD, EC, ITC, UN-ESCAP, WB etc.
Export Wing
Export Wing is responsible for:
  • Export Policy formulation, clarification, implementation
  • Export facilitation, problems & trade disputes resolution
  • Export target fixation & performance monitoring
  • Selection of CIPs & Export Trophy distribution
  • Bilateral Trade Agreements, negotiations & signing
  • Export Promotional activities (fairs, trade missions, etc.)
  • Export diversification & capacity building activities
  • Monitoring & Evaluation of activities of Commercial Missions Abroad
  • Compliance monitoring etc.
Import and Internal Trade (IIT) Wing
IIT Wing does the following Functions:
  • Import Policy Order formulation, clarification
  • Implementation of policy matters relating to Import.
  • Internal Trade issues
  • Administration of TCB
  • Price Management of essential commodities etc.
World Trade Organization (WTO) Cell
A WTO Cell was established in the Ministry of Commerce in October, 2003.
Its functions are as follows:
  • WTO Cell overseas the current negotiations in the WTO, liaisons with Geneva Mission and prepares the country position

  • Capacity building of the stakeholders in WTO rules, regulations etc

  • Disseminate information among stakeholders regarding WTO and negotiations etc.

Textile Cell
  • Designs strategy to combat post MFA challenges
  • Provides Policy supports towards enhancing RMG exports
  • Monitors and evaluates RMG related export earnings
  • Facilitate RMG exports
  • Provides secretarial support services to Social Compliance Forum on RMG.
Planning Cell

The main function of the Planning Cell is to conceive, process and monitor the implementation of development projects under Ministry of Commerce.

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